Links to our favourite Golden sites

bullet The Golden Retriever Club of Victoria Inc.
bullet Golden Retriever Club of South Australia Inc.
bullet The Golden Retriever Club of N.S.W. Inc.
bullet The Golden Retriever Club of W.A. Inc.
bullet The Tasmanian Golden Retriever Club Inc.
bullet Heathbrook Golden Retrievers
                  Hobart – Tasmania
bullet Carlyra & Tweedwater Kennels
                  Launceston, Tasmania
bullet Acacian Golden Retrievers
                  Grantville, Victoria
bullet Giltedge Golden Retrievers
                  Sydney, New South Wales
bullet Goldlake Golden Retrievers
                  Sorell – Tasmania
bullet Emperosgold Golden Retrievers
                  Devon Meadows (near Cranbourne) Victoria
bullet Bicklewood Golden Retrievers
                  Mt. Albert North, Victoria
bullet Brackendell Golden Retrievers
                  Adelaide, South Australia
bullet Kennel Dewmist – Golden Retrievers
                  Stockholm, SWEDEN

Links to other sites

bullet The Victorian Canine Association Inc. now known as “DOGS VICTORIA”
bullet DogWebs
                 Free web pages for your Dogs and Kennel.
bullet – Website for your Kennel

www.DogWebs.Biz – Website for your Club or Business