We are both Licensed to Judge and award C.C’s to the following A.N.K.C. Gundog Breeds and FCI Breeds. 

*  Chesapeake Bay Retriever
*  Curly Coated Retriever
*  Flat Coated Retriever
*  Golden Retriever
*  Labrador Retriever
*  Novia Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever

*  Brittany Spaniel
*  Clumber Spaniel
*  Cocker Spaniel
*  Cocker Spaniel (American)
*  English Springer Spaniel
*  Field Spaniel
*  Irish Water Spaniel
*  Sussex Spaniel
*  Welsh Springer Spaniel

*  English Setter
*  Gordon Setter
*  Irish Setter
*  Irish Red & White Setter

*  German Shorthaired Pointer
*  German Wirehaired Pointer
*  Hungarian Vizsla
*  Pointer (English)
*  Weimaraner

*  Italian Spinone
*  Lagotto
*  Large Munsterlander

At Open Show Level we are both approved to judge Hounds (Group 4) and Working Dogs (Group 5).


We have both judged in most states of Australia officiating at All Breeds Championship Shows.

*Listed below are International Specialty & Semi-Specialty appointments we have judged together at-


“The Finish Golden Retriever Club” (Goldenring) Championship Show in Tulln, Finland.

The previous day we both judged part of a Gundog Group – Setters & Spaniels


Judging Gundogs over two weekends, both these shows were officated over a two day period (4 days of Judging).

One was in the North of Sweden (Gavle) and the other in the South of Sweden (Helsinborg).

New Zealand:-

The Central Golden Retriever Club of New Zealand Speciality Championship Show – Jill officiating on the Saturday and Wayne on the Sunday.


Jill’s judging Appointments include-

The United Retriever Semi-Specialty Championship Show in New South Wales,

The Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania Inaugural Show,

The Gundog Club of Tasmania Special Classes

The Palmerston Gundog Club Championship show in Darwin.

The Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever Club Specialty Championship Shows in Seoul, Korea.

The Golden Retriever Club of Indonesia Presidents Cup in Jakarta attracting an International entry from throughout Indonesia and Asia of 114 exhibits.

The Golden Retriever Club of Western Australia in Perth

Wayne’s (dec) judging Appointments include-

The Golden Retriever Club (Inc) Championship Show in Auckland, New Zealand.

The Golden Retriever Club of NSW Championship Show,

The Golden Retriever Club of Tasmania Championship Show

The Golden Reetriever Club of Queensland Championship Show.

The Gundog Championship Show – Perth, Western Australia.

The Golden Retriever & Labrador Retriever Club Specialty Championship Show in Seoul, Korea.


We are both extremely committed to furthering our knowledge and experience within the Dog World.